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Invites & Credits

Invite friends, earn $15

Invite more, earn more. $15 is applied when your friend's first order ships. details


Invite your circle to Zoranda.

Your playgroup buddy will jump for joy.

Your neighbor will like it better than a cup of sugar.

And you'll earn credit.

Offer Details

You earn a $15 shopping credit when a new member joins Zoranda through your invites or shares and completes a purchase.

Please note:

  • If you opt to invite friends via email, we'll only send invitations and reminders to the contacts you choose
  • Please only refer those you have a personal or family relationship with
  • There's no limit to how many credits you can earn
  • The new member must join Zoranda immediately, directly from your invite or share. You will be credited after their first purchase totaling $0.01 or more (after any discounts, gift cards or other credits are applied) ships.
  • Only one existing member's account will be credited for each new member who joins
  • Shopping credit is applied when the new member's first qualifying order ships (not when they join)
  • Shopping credit can be used to purchase anything on Zoranda except gift cards and service vouchers
  • Shopping credit is promotional in nature and without any exchange of money or value from you
  • Shopping credit expires 90 days from issuance
  • When you post to social media sites from Zoranda, your posts will be treated according to any preferences and/or permissions you may have set on those sites
  • For more information about credit, see the Zoranda terms and conditions.
  • You'll be credited according to the offer that's active on the day your friend joins
  • Offer excludes friends or family residing in your household

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